There are days I'm dying to expand. Days all my thoughts are consumed with baby and what it will be like having a mini Andrew running around. Drake is no longer "mini". He's growing up too quickly and it breaks my heart. I want to grab him and hold tight erasing the last few years taking him back to the innocent toddler days. But I can't. That's what happens.


Life is crazy and ongoing. You are never promised tomorrow or promised happiness. You create your own happiness, create your memories and small moments of gratitude and moments to cherish. They come so sparingly when working and always having a million things to do. You're challenged to take two days out of your month to have a night out with friends, or a date night with your husband or even a pool day with the family. Those moments are so hard to pencil in. And with a baby?? Don't even think about it for quite some time.

This weekend we're going up to the cabin with our greatest friends, David and Holly, and we cannot wait. We've been looking forward to this get-a-way since before it was even planned. Those two keep us sane and grounded and remind us daily that life is all about enjoying it. They remind us to slow down, smell the air and hug a littttttle tighter. They are a couple we've planned out many years with.

So babies? Although they consume my heart and mind frequently, and Andrew's too, that's just not in our cards in the next few years. We're embracing life and all the random last minute nights out, all the BBQ's that last until 3AM, all the game nights that included much tooooo much alcohol and all those sweet blissful moments of freedom.

Because when we do welcome our first Little together, I will take all those nights out in exchange for  just a cuddle with the life I'm responsible for. Wouldn't any parent?