the evening i wanted to die.

November 9, 2012

So funny story.

Wednesday night Drake had a little ceremony to get trophies from his basketball season ending and luckily Andrew was able to get off of work so we could join in on the fun. We figured since it was an early night we'd go out and have a nice dinner just the two of us after. We splurged and went to Ah-so for some Calif rolls and the most amazing steak//shrimp meal of all time (in our humble opinions). We were just talking and enjoying each other company when I was telling Andrew about a story, I don't even remember what now and I had an itch on my nose. I subconsciously itched it with the back of my hand only to see my husband's face turn to absolute disgust.

Turns out I pulled a booger right out of my nose and had it on my hand.

Classy I tell ya, classy.

It was a moment of our marriage I wanted to crawl under a rock. I was so embarrassed. I have this phobia about my nose, you see. I don't let hubs see me blow it or anything so when he caught a nice glimpse of a booger, I was horrified. Not in the sense that it's nasty, I mean we live together and he gets the good, bad and the ugly buuuuuuut I just hate my nose and don't prefer him knowing about it. At all if I had my way.

Moral of the story, always itch your nose behind closed doors. Or else you'll have a husband laughing his ass off at the booger on you.

But alas, today is Friday so here is your iPhone background for download!

The easiest way to access this on your phone is to download the image to your desktop, email it to yourself and save the image on your phone. You can then edit your background and use this to dress it up. 



  1. Haha well at least he's your husband and loves you for who you are! I would have been embarrassed too! One time on a date (with a guy I didn't know all that well) I was eating pizza and the bite had too much cheese on it and I literally started choking and I had to pull the cheese out of my mouth like a string, it was totally mortifying!

  2. I would have been mortified too, no matter who I was in front of. Luckily it was someone whom you are so close to.

  3. I died! On one of my husband and I's first dates prior to being hubby and wife obvi...I snarted in front of him. You know, sneeze and farted. But he still married me :)


  4. love you freebies (: cute post! xo jacqlyn

  5. hehehhe! Oh marriage... I have an even more disgusting story but it is NOT appropriate for a comment section!!