Flat Iron Curls:Tutorial

January 24, 2013

product used on my hair:
Chi Flat Iron// here
Moroccan Oil Serum// here
Bed Head Dry Shampoo// here
Bed Head Hairspray// here
Moroccan Oil Shimmer Spray// here

Literally, the easiest curls ever. They take all of 5 minutes and are a gorgeous texture for a beachy wave. You can manipulate as needed for a tighter curl versus loose. They can be worn as a base for volumizing your "do" of the day or as a simple, fun style that's not so polished looking.

Good luck!


  1. found you through your guest post on Ty's blog! loved it and this great tutorial. I always have no idea how else to use my flat irons!
    Helene in Between

  2. Gorgeous! You make it look so easy & simple... And you short hair is so fun & spunky!! Makes me want to cut my hair again!!

  3. Can you make this look any easier?! I need to get on your level. I'm doing these tomorrow!
    I always thought my hair was too short to do them without looking like Shirley Temple, but I think leaving the ends straight will solve that problem!


    love, love!

  4. wandered over from Ty's blog - I love this idea, the vlog is super helpful, sounds like a perfect way to add volume to my otherwise sad hair

  5. Great tutorial! I have always wanted to curl my hair with the flat iron but feared getting kinks. :)

    Lauren @ My Polished Side Blog

  6. I will try this again! My hair always refuses to cooperate. Love love the half sleeve :)

  7. New follower! Found you through Ty! :)


  8. 1. I am totally jealous that your hair dries that straight! I look like a lion after I blow dry my hair, haha.

    2. You make this look so easy! I think my hair may be too long & so I get a funky curl with my flat iron. I may have to try this again though...

    3. You pull off that half sleeve very well! =)

  9. I just started using my Babyliss flat iron to straighten my hair and love it!! Thanks for sharing what products you use :) I think I'm gonna have to get some of them!


  10. Ahhh I wish it was this easy for me! I've tried so many different times and it never works for me. I think my hair is too long, or I'm just an uncoordinated idiot.
    Have you tried it with your extensions in?

    -Holly Martinez

  11. Hi... can I have your hair please. Mine is hopeless!

  12. I can't believe how fast you did that! Haha.

  13. Thank you so much for the video! You make it look so easy, I'm hoping I can do it and achieve similar results. Thanks for the tip of keeping the flat iron moving, great tip!!


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