That video was the only way to start this post. It sums up our weekend pretty accurately since when we vacation to Mexico, our only expectations are a constant buzz, junk food and great music. Of course, I like to document it all and black mail the family who were a littttttle too intoxicated. My thinking is I'm just helping them remember all the festivities. Yes?

Living in Phoenix, we're a short 4 hour drive from Mexico so we tend to visit often. We stay in Rocky Point or Puerto Penasco if you want to get technical. Most of the time we take the trailers and stay at a park there, hauling our toys to ride around town. Some times we will stay in a resort but that's if we prefer a quicker, less relaxing weekend. If you ever have the opportunity to hit up Rocky Point some places you must visit are:

The Fish Market (shopping)
La Curva (best breakfast spot, ever!)
Max's (huge bloody mary's)
Wrecked at the Reef (bar)
JJ's Cantina (bar)
Boo Bar (bar at fish market)
Rodeo Drive (shopping)

Hope you enjoyed the picture overload! 
Can you tell from them, I'm completely in love with my hubby? He's just a charmer and I can't get enough of him. 
Happy Tuesday!