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I know I say this often around here but my husband brings so much joy to my life. He's blessed me beyond words by providing for me and for Drake, by caring and supporting in all ways he can. He has taught me to love life and to live life to the fullest daily. He's shown me integrity and character. He's shown me what hard work means and shown me how to persevere in those times. He's built our home around Christ and His word. He's given up time on himself to spend more time embracing our marriage and working at keeping our relationship growing. 

It's funny how times of a relationship are constantly blooming versus times being in stand still. Life happens giving us the power to really think only of the chaos but in those small moments of solitude you are reminded how sweet the love you have is. You're encouraged to grow deeper and stronger roots through your marriage. We have seasons of growth and times of truly deep connections. It's in those moments I lose myself to the emotions while my heart bursts with so much love for my husband. I know I can't explain it with the justice it deserves but I'm sure many married couples know exactly what I'm referring to. It's an unspoken trust and connection, a small moment of just "getting" each other.

I can't say it enough, Andrew is my best friend and he has a firm grip on my heart.