Friday Freebie!

February 14, 2013

CONFESSION: hubs and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. Shocker, I know. But really, why is it necessary to only shower your lover with gifts and smooches on one day a year? Why not do it everyday? I mean, I know I like to feel appreciated and loved on more than once a year so Valentine's Day just isn't my thing.

Okay, end rant. Thank you Winnie for your wisdom, enjoy your freebie friends!

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in case you missed it:
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Again, if you contact me anytime Friday-Monday I won't be able to respond, my phone will be off and I won't be bringing my laptop. A forced break and I'm totally okay with that.

Have a blessed and safe weekend!


  1. Have SO much fun in Mexico!
    Drink extra for me, pleaseee :)

    So glad you won't be working - you need the time off, girl!


  2. Have fun in Mexico! And you are just too cute for words! Totally not what I expected to hear when I imagined your voice but you are just darling!

  3. Enjoy your trip! You certainly deserve it. I am so excited to be getting my Friday Freebie a day early. Woop Woop!


  4. Such a great freebie.

    xo Meg

  5. Have fun in Mexico! Thanks for the early freebie :) I even have friends who DON'T read blogs coming here for your Friday Freebies!


  6. youre so cute on camera! Good for you to DISCONNECT this weekend!!! :-) have fun!

  7. Awe you are so adorable!!
    Have fun in Mexico, where are you going?
    Happy Friday eve & enjoy your weekend away!!!

  8. People who celebrate Valentine's day for the most part do give their signifigant others gifts and kisses other days of the year... just because you celebrate the day doesn't mean you don't ever do it for the next year! It's all about enjoying the little things in life.