When hubs and I started dating he had recently purchased his home (the one we live in now) and after we married it has always felt a little like it's not mine. I get in moods where I think over and over that it's only his because his name is on it and mine isn't so obviously, I'm just a guest. Or something strange like that. Don't ask why because I don't understand my mentality either but it's been a process to truly make this home, our home, feel like it's mine too. Transforming my office space has definitely helped me feel a sense of ownership though, which is nice.

Why am I talking about this? Well, I've just never really felt like we've made a big purchase together. Yes, we've both taken on new cars in the last year (on the same day!) and that's a big deal but it's something that wasn't paid in cash, fully. This has always left me guessing what that big purchase would be. The laminate floors we recently installed? Nope, not big enough. Getting the backyard transformed? Nope, still not big enough. A new RZR?

Yep. That's the one!

Sunday, we welcomed a new little toy into our home. A 2009 Polaris RZRs. Let me preface saying I grew up at the dunes riding quads and living diiiirrrty. Hubs hasn't always been so keen to the thought of raising a family that way and it's something I realized was just a compromise of marriage. But when he came to me last week talking about getting a RZR, I took full advantage of that! We were lucky enough to find an amazing deal and the guy was so accommodating so in my mind, it was meant to be!

We spent the morning Sunday riding around my parents neighborhood with Drake and we can't wait to spend each and every Sunday after church riding the trails. I'll finally feel like a teen again but this time I'll legally be drunk for the fun! Eeekk!