Over the weekend I came to realize something. I know I've had this realization in the past before but not quite as strong as I did specifically Sunday night.

My husband is my best friend.

Yes, so many girls say this and truly, I think we all think this but there's something about how he can just hang out in my office with me while I work to simply "spend time with me". And something about how he gives me a look and I know his first thoughts. Something about how he can touch me a certain way and I know everything he's pondering. He knows me inside and out. I know him inside and out.

It may help that we knew each other for an extensive time before we started dating. It may be the simple fact that we have similar personalities. But there's nothing that keeps me heart more at ease than knowing we are each others besties.

Sunday night it slapped me in the face that God knew what he was doing bringing us together. After years of watching each other have relationships, God knew we were the ones right for each other. That man amazes me. God and my husband. It feels so comfortable knowing, God has our life on His path and with Him, we're saved. We get to spend all eternity together because God meant us to bond all our days by Holy Matrimony.

Amazing, right?

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Enjoy your printable, and give your man some love, yes?