Oh, my boo boo, Brutus.
You're 3 years old today meaning you're 21 in doggy years.
Should we celebrate? Go clubbing? Power hour?
Maybe just some extra snuggles and a trip to the pet store for new toys?

Yes, I think that's a winner.

I remember so vividly picking you up and surprising daddy with his early birthday gift.
You were a little ball of fur and a little too rambunctious for my liking.
But you had me wrapped around your little chubby paws in no time.

I think it's safe to say you've turned into quite the mama's boy. Any time I'm working, you're right by my side, any time I throw my sneaks on you're at the back door waiting to run with me. Any time I grab my jug of water, you know that means were off to hike with Grandpa. And you know what side of the bed to come lay your head on every night for some extra love.

You're my baby love and I can't thank God enough for blessing Casa Kinch with you.

I don't think you know this but I get so excited leaving work because that means I'm home to my love bucket. I also cry far too many tears thinking what it would be like without you in our home. Seeing you with Drake and how gentle and loving you are makes my heart so full. You are the glue to our little family of four and you bring a monumental amount of joy that won't ever leave us.

I love you Mr. Pumpernickel.
Just like daddy says.

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy.