A couple months ago we purchased a juicer, this one here and it's been amazing for us. Andrew grew up juicing and has his favorite recipe and I've never done it but was excited to try it. I'm normally a green smoothie kind of gal but juicing has been just as great for me and I personally think it takes a lot better! I've been able to customize the flavor to my liking and I know I'm getting great nutrients for my day.

We are going to Mexico mid June and both have been on the journey to shedding pounds here and there focusing on what we eat and attempting to be more active. So we've decided for the next couple weeks until we go, we're going to simply juice and that's it.  I've heard of quite a few people doing this and they tend to lose the weight pretty easily and quickly but I guess I'm just concerned we're going to be depriving our bodies of necessities. I've considered adding in a few salads for dinners so I'm not going to bed hungry but we will see.

Either way, I'm excited about it and I can't complain because it's a delish "meal". Cross your fingers we make some kind of transformation in our time doing this.

favorite recipe:
5 carrots
3 oranges, peeled
1 stick celery
8-10 cubed pineapple