Friday Freebie!

May 31, 2013

Maybe I'm my worst critic but most of the freebies I make are ones I don't normally use. A lot of the time it's for your phone and I like to have my hubs face or Drake on the front so it's not something my "style" exactly but after getting my iPad it's been no easy feat finding a background I wanted to use. After searching Pinterest a bit and learning more the vibe of design I like, I finally made a desktop background (which I also used for my iPad background) that I'm in love with! If I could define my style it would be classic with a bold element, normally something neon or whimsical to spice it up so this freebie is exactly what I can use that defines me and it's something I can use for a long time!

click your letter below to download
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Enjoy friends!

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  1. I love this!!! Thanks so much Aubrey!

  2. Love this! Perfect for my ipad. Thanks!!

  3. Love this! I still had the previous initial - with the gold heart? as my lock screen. Time for a new "h" thanks!

  4. Oh yey! Thank you for sharing! My ipad definitely needs a new look.

  5. I can't get it to work!! :( when I click my letter my ipad doesn't seem to want to let me save it as a picture. Boo hoo.

  6. Love this! I saw it on your instragram a few days back and was hoping it'd be available for download! So cute!

  7. yes yes yes, I love friday freebie's!!! Brie and I always text each other on fridays to make sure we dont miss it!! see you Monday!!


  8. Love it! My fav so far!!

  9. Just recently came across your blog and I love all your graphics! So bright and fun and unique! Also a fellow Arizonian here! :)


  10. I've been having the same trouble with finding a cute iPad lockscreen, they're either for younger teenagers are super boring. I can't wait to use this!

  11. Your personalized monogram friday freebies are my absolute favorite! I downloaded this on my macbook then emailed it to myself so I could put it on the ipad, but it's so fuzzy :( How must I fix this? haha

  12. loving your site design!! so crisp and clean!! esp the header!! :)


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