I figured it was that time to finally debut this half sleeve with the attention it deserves on the blog. Back in October, Andrew and I both had major ink added to our bodies. He had a full sleeve done which just makes me melt. I think it's so sexy and it's even sexier his meaning behind his. It's a heaven vs. hell display that really taps into his beliefs and views on everyday life and the temptations in it. Mine is a little different.

You see, I always knew I wanted to have tattoos and ones that covered a lot. I've said from day one I want both arms sleeved and I'd love to have more added to my back so when I had the opportunity to start a design, I defaulted to more floral. Every tattoo I have is built around a floral design. My foot, back, hip, side... all have some type of flowers incorporated. It's something I love, something that's beauty in my eyes, something I know I'd be happy with permanently on my body. Everything else I have is done in color and I thought this time, I'd like a change.

It's just been in the last year I've immersed myself into design and I've really learned the things I love and the things I'm drawn to so it seemed natural to make this piece all black and grays. I had him touch a few spots to highlight in white and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome.

I'm sure some of you are asking, "why a skull?". I get people think it's a bit much especially being on a girl that is the definition of girly but it's special to me. It was important to me to also have something in my tattoo that represented the time of life I was in and a skull just seemed right. I've become really close with Drake over the last two years and he's been very vocal about how he loved daddy's skull tattoo so I thought, let's do it! I'm going to add a skull and it's going to represent my Little Man. Crazy? Maybe, but it warms my heart looking at my arm and thinking how it represents myself in floral and my boys with a skull. Again, truly transparent to the time of life I am in.

We're talking about adding more ink with me sleeving the remaining part of my arm and Andrew working on a back piece. It's something we both find our voice and beauty in and I can't wait to continue adding onto the art I already have.