How To: 1 Inch Curls

May 9, 2013

Can we talk about how long my hair is finally getting? This has been one thing driving me bonkers since I chopped it off two years ago. Had I known it would take it's sweet time getting back to a manageable length, I don't think I would've done it. Although, it did show me that my collar bone is the shortest I should ever go now since I have an obsession with throwing it up. 

Anyway, I thought I'd take some time to show you how I've been styling my hair lately. You've seen flat iron curls here but I've become best friends with my old 1 inch curling iron again and I've been more than pleased with how my hair is turning out lately. The length of my hair is perfect for these curls and I love throwing on a little sea salt to add some texture and messiness to the oh, so polished curls.

P R O D U C T S   U S E D :
aquage uplifting foam
moroccan oil serum
hot tools 1 inch curling iron
sea salt spray
bed head hairspray
Happy curling, friends!


  1. your hair always looks so cute like this!

  2. Take Biotin. Simple and small vitamin that helps with skin, nails and hair. It doesn't make your hair grow super fast, but does give it a kick start, plus it will be healthier. But if you take too much of it you will have a break out.

    1. I've been taking Biotin for the last 2 years, so thank you for mentioning the tip again.

  3. I need to find my curling iron so I can try this, it's so pretty :)

  4. I love this! Your hair looks great :)

  5. I love seeing the products you used!


  6. Love this! Super cute look on you! I use the bedhead curling wand, and love the way it curls! New GFC follower!

  7. Love how your hair curls! I have a lot longer hair than you but even when mine was this short, I always looked like Shirley Temple somehow haha
    Also- I really really like your graphics and the style you use! Just followed you on GCF :)

  8. Love this! I actually just bought a 1" and a 3/4" tonight to play around with and maybe do some tutorials. I've never done one so we'll see... your hair is SO cute though!!

  9. so cute!


  10. Do my hairzzz okay? I never can get mine to curl on the right side! (It's because I am a horrible hair/makeup person for myself...go figureeee)


  11. Do you blow dry your hair straight before doing this? I have naturally wavy hair, so I get soo annoyed with it when I want to add more curl to it...

  12. This is a little random but I LOVE the gray walls in your bathroom. Do you mind sharing what color they're painted?


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