I lost my Grandma to Alzheimer's in 2007 shortly after my Grandpa died in 2003. Over the time she was on her own I was just starting to drive and would visit her frequently at her assisted living home. We would have dates to get our nails done on the weekends and as a family, we'd take her out to dinner throughout the week. I started leaving her little notes around the house before we'd leave and some times she'd remember and other times she wouldn't. I once left her one that read "holler". The next time I saw her I asked her what my note said and she had responded saying "holler". I was beaming she remembered and even more giddy by the way she said it.

You see, Grandma would pucker her lips, cock her mouth to the side and say "holler" with such determination and such pride, I couldn't get enough of it. From then on up until the last days with her in Hospice, I'd ask her to say "holler" and she would, with the same pride and determination she did the as the first time she said it.

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