Friday Freebie!

June 7, 2013

I'm one gal who thrives on routine and consistency and this last week it was hard to keep things going in that groove being so sick with a migraine for 6 days. I missed out on some personal time browsing pinterest and reading blogs. I wasn't able to debrief with doodling or cleaning so when I was finally able to do it last night, I was so thrilled. During those night routines of mine, I like to play with this app I wrote about before and a few weeks back I created a few things not thinking anything of using them as freebies but when I posted ones on instagram, I had a good handful of requests for it to be a freebie.

Obviously, I obliged and you have the option to choose either black or white to grace your techy this week. Cheers!

click here for white
click here for black

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  1. Love this freebie! Already have it on my phone. What was the name again of the app you wrote about before?

  2. I love this! So pretty. Reminds me of this song I love by a band called All Sons and Daughters. Have you heard of it?

  3. I love your friday freebies...I enjoy switching them out on my phone :)

  4. Oh snap, look who knocked it out of the park again! LOVE!!!

  5. I like the little quote. It is so very true.