I mean, my balls it's hot in Phoenix lately. We've officially fallen into the triple teen digits and I'm melting. Why was I wearing chambray when I clearly should've been in a bikini at church...? Good question but I've learned that's much too much fabric to bare the heat without sweating buckets as a consequence.

On another note, I broke down and got those little glitter sandals from Target and they're my new favorite. I blame blogging and instagram for getting it in my mind they'd be the perfect summer sandal. Turns out, they are so cheers to you crazy ladies who pulled onto that bandwagon! ;)

top | target
skirt (option) | forever 21
shoes | target
necklace | doodling bug
sunglasses (option) | old navy
watch | fossil

P.S. no extensions here. I'm quite proud of that mane (it seems long to me!) growing on my head these days. Triple doses of Biotin seem to be proving effective. Happy day, y'all!