I know, I know, I've talked about this damn implant far too many times in the past 2 months but I'm happy to say I finally have good news to share! If you read here about the inserting procedure and here about my side effects then you're pretty much up to speed but to say the least, I've been hating it since it was inserted back in March.

Today though friends, we talk happy about this little lady, implant. I have finally stopped bleeding (TMI?- I don't think so since it's been mentioned before); praise God! It started to finally slow down from a "cycle type flow" to small spotting and it has officially stopped just shy of one day before 9 weeks of having it. I can't tell you how elated that makes me. I don't know if it was the constant bleeding or the implant in general but it was a struggle feeling like myself over the last 2 months. 

I have still been pretty emotional and crying over....nothing. Sorry hubs. But I can definitely see a change in my mood and outlook on things lately. Before it was anything that irritated or frustrated me triggering the water works and I've notice myself still going through everyday life annoyances and I've been able to handle them without having a full on meltdown. Again, Praise Jesus! I've always been an emotional person but when it hit me daily and for everything that contributed to my day, it really got me down. I'm so thankful I'm feeling more in control of my body and my moods. I'm sure my stunna hubby is just as ecstatic also!

As far as the nausea, I'm still a little sick sometimes but I have a lot of nausea from my migraines as it is so over this time of my body being at a whack I haven't fully been able to pin point if it's the implant or the migraines. It has decreased but as have my migraines so that could be a whole other issue.

I have a better outlook on the next 3 years with this implant now. I'm thrilled that we can now start "enjoying" the luxury of it's low maintenance dosage without interrupting our intimate moments and I am just as excited that we now have a handle on what to expect the new few years of it being active.

I'd still recommend this to anyone to try but I'd really caution you to do your research and don't tell yourself you'll be fine without side effects, because look where that got me. I'd also recommend still exploring options in IUD's and shots because my sister in-law (who hasn't birthed a babe) just had one inserted and she's doing great so far. It's all about your body and how it adapts to differ medications. Maybe I would've considered the IUD more knowing how well my sister in-law is doing but I also had been cautioned about it for other reasons, so I can't fully say.

All in all, I hope my ramblings about it have you a little more educated; if you have questions on things I haven't gone over, don't hesitate to email me!

Cheers to taking advantage of my hubby now, so conveniently!