Oh, hair extensions. I've had my fair share of a relationship with these babies and always come back to them more often than not. I started wearing them in high school for dance competitions and recitals but never on a daily basis. When I chopped my hair off a few years ago, it was impossible to rock them so now that's it's finally at a good length to blend, I'm back at it. I posted a pic on instagram and had a handful of questions you asked so I'm going to outline them as best I can. If there's something I missed, comment below and I'll get back to you!

Where did you get your extensions?
The current pair I have are from Sally's Beauty Supply. This is the set and color I have but with the clips, however the coloring has been alter since I've been using them (video has details). I've had many other sets before these and always purchased from a shop in AZ, United Beauty Supply. I know Raven and Cara both buy from Bellami and I've heard only awesome things about them. I most likely will snag them from there when the current pair needs retired.

What color are they?
I purchased a platinum blonde but have dyed them to match my hair. My stylist added some lowlights that were much too dark so I highlighted with a box color and topped that with an additional box color by Garnier called "Champagne Blonde" to give an ashy look. I'm not a fan of the orange and yellow toned blondes so I wanted to make sure to pull in the ash. 

What length did you purchase?
These were 18" extensions right out of the bag but I had my stylist blend them. She took a good 3 inches off and blended all throughout my hair so it looks natural. This is crucial, make sure to take them to whoever does your hair so you have something gorgeous and organic looking versus a chunk of long extensions and a bob showing right through. Gross.

Are they clip-ins?
Yes! I normally always buy clip in extensions because they're much easier to maintain and they give you the ability to be versatile. The current set I'm using were not clip ins but I purchased clips and sewed them in myself. Why? It's a lot cheaper going this route but you'll then have to measure your head, cut the extensions to fit the width of your head and then sew in each clip. I recommend if you're a newbie to extensions, buy clip ins and wait to experiment with sewing them in on your own until you're a pro!

How much do they cost?
The one's I current have cost me $100. They are normall $140-$160 when they're clip ins. This is also on the very inexpensive side of the scale. You can purchase better quality ones ranging up $600 but it really all depends on your budget and needs. I don't think that is justifiable so I personally wouldn't spend more than $300.

How long do they last?
This all depends on how well you keep and treat these beauties. I was mine about once every 3 weeks or whenever I'm wanting to curl or style them differently. The more often you wash, the quicker the life span goes. If you're wearing them consistently with gentle upkeep, they will last you 7-9 months but again, this depends on the brand and quality you purchase. Washing them once a week? I'd cut the life span in half. 

Can you use heat tools on them?
Yes! Make sure to only buy human hair not synthetic hair extensions. Synthetic is nasty and can't handle the styling and upkeep. Human hair can be manipulated and used as if it were the hair growing on your head. Just always remember to apply a heat protecting serum before styling so they last longer.

I think that about covers the questions from instagram but again, leave a comment below if I missed something you'd like details on! Now the video... I just pulled together how I put them in for you and shared a few tricks I've learned over the years. I do go over a lot of the stuff above so if you already read it, ignore me. Enjoy pretties!

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