dress | Kiki La'Rue, sandals | Old Navy, sunnies | Ray ban

Well, Baby Kinch has popped! I seriously still debate there are twins in there and the doctor missed something because after starting to show at 6 weeks and only growing more rapidly, I feel like this is huge for being 11 weeks. It's most likely due to the layer of "fluff" prior to pregnancy that's now being pushed out but whatever- this body is changing and it's been crazy trying to adjust to all of it in the last couple months.

On another note, I got my new order of Laced Hair Extensions (I'm wearing these) last week and had them blended and chose to go a touch shorter this time around. I am loving the look and feel very Kristin Cavallari with this style. I think it'll be perfect for the next chapter of life. What do you think?