Cancer Sucks

May 12, 2014

It's not often I come here needing your help but today is an exception. As Andrew and I are celebrating our baby love today, our dear friends are struggling in ways I can't wrap my mind around. I met Ryan and Kassie Lashua when I married Andrew and instantly loved them and their sweet girl, Emma. Ryan has been through years of suffering with brain cancer and it's becoming a burden again. Last week he went in for his third round of surgery to remove a tumor and is now battling a long recovery.

How can you help? They're looking to raise $5,000 to help their family with bills and basic living as they'll be taking a lot of time away from work. They're already well on their way with nearly $3,200 raised but a little push is always appreciated. If this pulls at your heart strings and you feel God is calling you to make a donation, head on over to this page. I encourage you to even share the page to spread the word!

Thank you for all your love over the years, I pray you can extend that love to a family dear to our hearts in this time of need.


  1. My heart goes out to this family - that sweet little girl!! Positive thoughts and good wishes to them - My dad has been fighting this and you can't imagine how much love, support and prayers help!

    Thinking of you all.

  2. F cancer. My aunt is terminal. Praying for them.

  3. Cancer effects so many people. This month has been crazy in regard to cancer diagnoses! Praying for them! I will donate for sure.

    Melissa Faye

  4. Cancer sucks hard core! It has touched my family more than enough times. Praying for this family.