I spent this past Friday and Saturday at the Women of Faith conference with my mother-in-law, two sisters, cousin and Drake's mom enjoying the Word of God. We all went as a group a few years back and it was honestly a life changing experience and this weekend proved the same. I can't thank Drake's mom enough for encouraging us all to go and setting it up because it was a weekend all of girls needed. Through the comedy and drama, we all sat in laughter and in tears praising Jesus and thanking Him for our life blessings. So often we forget to simply take a step back from looking at ourselves and our needs to look to Him for what He wants us to do. I think I can say we all left on such a powerful message by Christine Caine feeling so inspired to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our blinded, dirty, bitter world. Angela Thomas said it so amazingly that we need to fix our eyes on Him and push all those other temptations and negativity aside because He is what matters.

The best way I can describe my overall for the weekend is this- it's not about my limitations but it's about how I can do amazing things here on earth for Him and for His Kingdom.

I've also been resting on Mark 11:25 for the last couple months and I encourage you all to dig a little deeper into that this coming week in devotions and prayer time. He heals, impacts and loves us unconditionally so the least I can do is let my pride go and forgive those who've hurt me.