Shades of Blue

May 12, 2014

photo creditCori Roberts Photography

Monday, you're here again. Why does it come so quickly?! I have to admit I'm slightly okay saying it's Monday because that means we have one more sleep until we find out what our baby love is! Tuesday is going to be sweet bliss and I can't wait to find out what gender the babe is. Once that is confirmed, I'll be shopping like crazy, naturally. It's been hard not shopping yet but it felt a little mundane and stressful not knowing the gender so it'll be that much more enjoyable this coming weekend when I splurge. Speaking of, this past weekend I spent most of it painting the new office (previous hubs "man room"- sorry babe!) that I'll be sharing with my man. Two desks, two styles, meshed together, YIKES. Mom came over Sunday to help me decorate a bit also with gender neutral in mind but going from this to gender neutral is proving a task. I'll be sure to share on here when I'm happy with the result!

Now this dress! I've given in to the maxi being my go-to and I'm totally on board with dresses like this being in my closet. Kiki La' Rue sent this beauty over and my obsession with cobalt only grew after wearing it a few times. Me being 5 feet, the length is definitely long so wedges are a must or I can hem it but that hasn't stopped me from flaunting it. I also felt it went perfectly with my Gigi clutch and the bold blue shades! KLR sells out beyond fast so I recommend ordering this baby right away! I'm in a M but I could've taken a small even being pregnant. Shop away friends and check out more of their maxis, here.


  1. OK this dress. That royal blue is my favorite color in the entire world!

    You look gorgeous dear!

  2. Gorgeous photos of you lady! And love that blue color on you! I definitely need to invest in one of those clutches :) Love the teal and the coral colors they have!

  3. I thought this post was going to say BOY!! :)

  4. Looking gorgeous in jewel tones. Can't wait to find out if it is a boy or a girl because I know you'll do it up big (and creatively) with your great taste :)

  5. HOLY moly. Pregnancy looks good on you, sister. You look incredible! That dress is gorgeous...perfect for summer! Love some KLR!

  6. Always the beauty! I can't wait to hear what you will be having! Have a wonderful day love!

    Allison over at Allison's Eye

  7. You are so gorgeous in this cobalt blue number!! Beautiful little baby bump. XO


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