When I was in junior high my girl friends and I used to think we were super cool and all had the same profile bio on AIM... ready for this? Get high on Jesus. It was that time in life that most of the other people we hung out with who weren't believers were pot heads and we were losers for not getting involved in that so the 8 of us chose to be bold and told everyone who would listen to get high on Jesus. Why am I telling you this? Well, I'm currently high on Jesus. It was just such a powerful weekend I've been devoting my extra time to really spending with God and I'm so thankful for that down time with Him. 

Back in the Fall, Ashlyn and I start a devotional together and it's been something I read daily but never really applied it into my life but it's all I need. I realize it now and am so grateful for the ability to have had my eyes opened this weekend to His Word and love. Today's devotion couldn't hit home more because it's about people trying to always please others without thinking what God wants and needs from them. I'm not on this earth to make sure other people like me, I'm here to build His kingdom and to let His will be done. Simple as that.