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I am so excited to officially share our sweet baby is a GIRL! Truthfully, Andrew and I both thought she was a little lady after our 12 week appointment so when it was confirmed at 16 weeks we were very excited! Neither of us had a preference, just a healthy baby but Drake had been super vocal he wanted a boy. I was so concerned about telling him but he was totally excited and has been rubbing the bump saying "baby girl!" over and over. That's a good sign, right? ;)

What's the babes name? We were a little unsure if we wanted to share her name now or when she is born but honestly, we don't really care what people say about it because it's so special to us so here it is... Emery Odessa Kinch. Emery is something my husband mentioned after we brainstormed names a while back and it's his favorite Christian band. It was so similar to something I liked so I knew it would be perfect for us. Odessa was my grandma's middle name who died in 2007 and I swore when that happened, I'd be naming my little girl after her. I wish her and my grandpa were here to experience this with us but I'm so excited Emery will be carrying on her name and honoring her.

I have to be honest after our ups and downs when I had my arm implant, I think that was God telling us it was time to start trying for our family to expand and it wasn't long after that we did. It wasn't an easy road because it took us a lot longer than we thought it would but after putting our trust in Him we knew it would be the right time. It's now even more surreal knowing it's a sweet baby girl and in just a few short months, she will be in my arms, Andrew's arms and Drake's as part of our family. We are all still beyond elated we have this miracle on the way. I've already been shopping here and there for some goodies and scored her diaper bag from the surprise Kate Spade sale happening now!

As of right now, we are just over 17 weeks, only gained 6 pounds and at my appointment this morning she was moving around like crazy. The nausea is still raging but that's nothing Zofran can't fix. The nursery has been started, a crib and dresser were purchased (thanks mom & dad!) so altogether, we are feeling good and calm with the way things are panning out. We thank you all for your love and prayers while you follow our journey and send lots of love and hugs right back at you!

I also wanted to extend a huge thank you to Amina from Studio Mucci for our gorgeous custom tassel garland! I will be back tomorrow with some more about how to make your own and how she and I worked together on this project that was so dear to my heart!