dress (on sale $14!): Target | panama hat (similar): Target | sandals: Target | bag (option): H&M | watch: Fossil | link bracelet: Etsy | bangle bracelet: Alex & Ani | sunnies: Ray-Ban | bar necklace: Miaearrings | monogram necklace: Love Always Couture


I've had a few meltdowns lately contributing to the feeling of completely hating my body, hating Arizona summers, hating being uncomfortable and hating that I'm pregnant in the summer enduring it all at once. I'm beyond swollen and achy and all I want to do is curl up in a freezing house in leggings and a cardigan but any attempt to do that, I sweat my ass off resulting in a full on cry session. Is it the hormones? Is it truly being unhappy with my body? Is it the way I have no control over the changes happening in my life? Who knows but it's testing me and I'm just emotionally pulled in every direction.

On top of that, I've been having Braxton Hicks a lot which I know is normal but I always get concerned I could be going into labor far too soon and not reading the signs rights. I also have a lot of pain in my lower stomach which I'm thinking is just round ligament pain as my uterus grows but it's intense- even making it hard to walk sometimes. I'm planning to schedule our birthing class and breastfeeding class this coming week so maybe having that on the books will help calm my nerves and give me some insight to know what to look for these last couple months if I do go into labor a touch early.

Sorry for the rant today, just wanting to share where I'm at and how this week has gone since it was a little quiet around these parts. Hope you're having a fun weekend, xo!