I am pretty confident I'm fully in nesting mode of this pregnancy because all I want to do is finish this nursery and organize every damn closet in my home! I wouldn't mind doing a thorough cleaning as well but after attempting that one too many times, I've left myself achy and wobbling around. The nice thing though is since I work from home, I've been able to nail my pregnancy uniform... ready for this? Leggings and a tunic. So original!

Last year I splurged on some leggings by Spanx but after becoming pregnant I wasn't able to wear them any longer as they're much too constricting and tight for the bump. After searching high and low, I found BLANQI on instagram (@BLANQIgirls) and was so pumped when I saw they offered some amazing belly supporting leggings! Since they arrived I've shamelessly worn them every day. I even joked on the fourth of July with my husband if he would be mad me wearing them out to BBQ knowing I've lived in them- he said no so they came right along for the ride.

Take it from a legging lover, these are built to perfection. I'm so sick of the styles that are too thin and are sheer if bending over but I also don't want something heavy and bulky since I'm all about comfort and these are just right. I wouldn't wear them to workout but they're not sheer in the slightest so I know if my tush shows a bit, it won't be an issue. My favorite thing is to throw a tank, kimono and sandals on with them and I feel so comfortable but put together! I can't say it enough but I'll be wearing these throughout the remaining of my pregnancy without a doubt and will be snagging these postpartum. BLANQI has done it right!

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