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taken at 23 week 3 days

our 23 week baby moves via YouTube, here!

Exactly a month ago I shared the weird shit happening to me throughout this pregnancy so far and received such great feedback! Thank you to all those girls who read, shared and commented assuring me they've been through the same thing and know what I'm talking about. It seems we mask the ugly about pregnancy more often than not so I wanted to bring a second installment back of what has continued to happen to my body that I was never informed about. Let the second round of embarrassment, begin!

Bloody Nose & Congestion // I think this speaks for itself but right around week 16 I couldn't freaking breathe! I thought I was getting a cold and was freaking out about not taking anything to harm little lady but then I started having bloody noses 2-3 times a day. It lasted pretty intensely for about a month that way and just in the last few weeks, it's decreased to a few a week but the congestion is still wild. I haven't been able to find something to help this so I'm just learning to deal.

Breast Tenderness // Good heavens, they definitely don't tell you how bad this is going to hurt! That was the first sign I was pregnant in my mind because normally, my boobs don't hurt and I have a "boob guy" for a husband so that first time he touched them, I screamed and cried never to do it again. Poor man! They also swell to a stupid size and I have lived in bralettes for the past 5 months (these are my favorite). You have to fight me to put on a real bra these days or a bra at all because any kind of friction or tightness on them hurts like a mofo. On the flip side though, I'm officially a C cup! ;)

Urination // Okay, most embarrassing of this set. I pee when I sneeze now. Or laugh. It's a race to the toilet when I feel any kind of body function coming on and most of the time, I don't win. It started as peeing every 20-30 minutes even throughout the night and now it's become something I can't control because E is sitting right on my bladder. It's not cute and it's totally embarrassing but I've learned to keep extra panties in my bag at all times. Yikes!

Bleeding Gums // Maybe I'm just really hard on my teeth when brushing but I have never bled prior to being pregnant and now my gums bleed every time I brush my teeth. I went to the dentist about a month ago and they said it's normal and we pregnant chicks gain more bacteria in our mouths because of hormones so it's not something to be alarmed by. Hmm, well okay. It's still not a great sensation each time I brush though. Just saying.

Leg Cramps // Oh my poor husband again. I woke up about 3 weeks ago crying in the middle of the night from leg cramps. It was like a charlie horse but in 12 different places in my legs. I drink a ton of water so this isn't the issue and again, my doctor said it's normal. It does not feel good though! I really try not to stretch and point my toes anymore because that seems to bring it on full force.

Nausea // Yep, I heard 14 weeks or so would be the magic week and it would all go away. Liars! It may happen to some or a lot of you where your morning sickness (it really should be called ALL DAMN DAY sickness) subsides but I am one of the few who deals with it about 4-5 times a week still. I've come to the conclusion it won't go away for me and I guess I'm okay with that? Well, I sort of have to be but I've learned the triggers and know to rely on my Zofran when needed.

So aside from the same things still happening in this post, this is all happening too! Yay for pregnancy! Haha- it's a glamorous thing, friends. I have to mention I've found the cure to the dry skin, I think! You'll see on my stomach, here, I have the white spots everywhere but that all used to be dry, peeling skin so I'm hoping a little tanning will soon even that out. This stuff is the holy grail! I use it on my stomach, boobs, feet, legs, elbows, butt... you name it! I love it. Do yourself a favor and get the large size off the bat, I've already ordered another one since I got the small one to try it at first.

Well thanks for sticking around through my rambling today! I hope this helps assure even one babe out there that what you're going through is normal! There is a light at the end of the tunnel and all the baby moves I've been feeling lately have my heart so light and excited for that day we meet her! xo