It's been a crazy weekend starting with a moment of "OMG, she's coming!" on Friday night around 11pm. I started having serious contractions averaging about 9-11 minutes apart until 5am Saturday. After a night of severe anxiety and tears, I called the on-call nurse at my OB and they stated it was false labor and I needed to take this next week easy, resting as much as possible because we don't want to deliver until 36 weeks. So here we are, needing to make it one more week but will happily welcome Emery anytime after that! I have a feeling since she faked us out, she's going to stay put for a while now- we all chatted about our predictions so we will see!

Saturday was also my to-be sister's bridal shower so I did attend and to my surprise my Gam Gam flew it to surprise everyone! As if I wasn't already a mess from the night before, I lost it seeing her. She's the best and hugs from her make my heart so warm. I was so thankful for her and my mama at the shower making sure I was okay and attended to.

All in all, I'm getting so so excited about meeting Emery but it added a sense of really needing to knock out some work this coming week! I want to have as much in place as possible so I don't have to worry about work while enjoying the first few weeks of mommyhood. Also, we're creating our hospital / labor playlist so suggestions are appreciated! I'm thinking along the lines of The Fray, Hillsong United, Need To Breathe, John Mayer...etc- please leave ideas below! xo