We are so close you guys! It's been such a process of feeling like we've been pregnant forever but also like it flew by and I feel like these last weeks are just dragging. It's the total cliche thing to say but truly, I get it now. We've been keeping busy with family in town and other events and plans to get our mind off all things baby which helps, but she's always there, you know?

As we're crossing things off our list, I thought it wise to document where we are because we really are all set and ready for her to come any time now! The remaining things uncrossed here are all in place and ready to go as well but we needed to schedule them as close to her potential due date (October 27) as possible. Speaking of due date, that's exactly 37 days away! Eeep. My doctor will gladly deliver and welcome labor after September 30th so I'm definitely praying she wants to make her debut sooner than later. Selfishly, we have things happening the first week of November that are needing me functioning so with that said, I wouldn't hate her coming sooner. ;)

As for an update with me, I'm feeling a lot of pain and aches all throughout my body but mainly in my pelvis and lower back. She's sitting head down as of Wednesday and is moving like crazy daily! I've started losing my plug (TMI) which could mean nothing or something and at my last visit my blood pressure was high so I'm now on weekly appointments until her due date. I had a cervical exam on Wednesday and I'm currently closed without dilation, as well. I'm beginning to take evening primrose oil (pills) to help soften my cervix and I planned the prenatal massage because I've heard it can also help start labor naturally. With all that to say, I won't do anything else to help push her along quicker because I want her to come when she's ready and healthy but a bit of the natural things can't hurt, right?

Okay, enough rambling. I'll be back at the doctor Monday so if anything changes, I'll update! I also plan on sharing what I've packed for my hospital bag as well as her baby book I'm making in the next few weeks along with her nursery reveal and my baby shower! Stay tuned.... have a safe and fun weekend! xo