my sister and cousins 

that's a diaper cake- kuddos to mama bear! 

 my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws

 dearest friend, Holly

guests took home fresh mason jar bouquets as favors 

 Aunt Kari, mom, sister, cousins and Gam Gam

 Gam Gam

 my besties- Marissa & Holly

 mom and sister

mom and Gam Gam 

my daddy

Considering it's been 2 months since my baby shower and we're about to welcome baby girl any day now, I thought it was about time to blog it! I first have to send so many thanks to my mom particularly for spending weeks on end and a huge amount of money on making this day special for me. She's knows how picky and OCD I am so it was hard letting go and letting her do it all and she blew my expectations out of the water! It was the perfect touch of feminine and girly while remaining classy and gorgeous. Not too overdone- it was just right! Another thank you goes to my sister, Sami and grandma for helping mama with all the loose ends to make this day perfect for me. I have quite the amazing support system and send so much gratitude to them!

When we started chatting about a shower, I wanted something in the morning so I originally thought a brunch styled party with a waffle bar and mimosas but after thinking about it more, I dreamed of a little tea party. My mom had her caterer bring in tea sandwiches, macarons, scones and yummy desserts while my grandma made cupcakes as well. They brewed some tea and offered sangria, which was a huge hit! We played some games that my sister created and opened gifts- all the usual baby shower details- and Brealyn was there capturing the whole thing for us!

There's always one gift that does stand out and I have to say, it was a precious bible from my dad with "Emery Kinch" engraved on the front. It's blush pink and small so it's perfect for her (thanks for suggesting this to him, mom!) but I was all tears opening that! Looking back, it was lovely and exactly what I wanted. We were showered with so many goodies for Emery and I can't wait to see her with everything.