It's no lie I love shopping and doing it for a daughter now is even better! When I was pregnant, I splurged on a few items for her I had seen roaming around the web but I felt a little silly spending too much knowing how quickly she'd grow out of everything. The tricky part is I'm not one to buy Walmart cheap-o stuff because I feel like the quality is just blah so in between my splurges at J.Crew and Gap while they're having sales, Old Navy (coupon code DASHER for 30% off) and Target (use code JOY30 for 30% off) are my go-to places!

Since she's transitioning out of all her newborn items into 0-3 months right now (so sad she doesn't fit in this anymore!), I just recently stocked up on a few more things (dying over this sleeper!) and wanted to share here along with some items I've found to be a necessity for survival! Make sure to use code JINGLE for purchasing at J.Crew for 30% off and code GIFT at Gap!