Last night I pulled the kiddos outside for a last hurrah before bedtime and Drake grabbed his new Saranoni blanket and pratically demanded I have a little photo shoot with him like we do with Emery. It was pretty cute and he's totally hamming it up. He even looked over them with me on the computer this morning and goes "man, I'm a stud!"... I swear, this child has the personality for everyone who doesn't have that quality.

I mentioned in a post earlier this week Saranoni blankets and getting them custom for your kiddos so when I saw the navy and orange combo I had to snatch it up for my little Bronco fan. He was SO excited opening that package and goes cape status around the house showing everyone in her path.

Both kids are currently snuggled up watching Saturday morning cartoons with their Saranoni blankets. Now I need to get one for myself so I can join! ;)

blanket- Saranoni | hat- Amazon | tee- Gap | shorts- Gap