Today has been like any other day but actually a little more "on" time as mama. Yesterday I spent a period of time cleaning puke off our new carpets and walls in the upstairs hallway because my 9 year old couldn't make it to the bathroom in time and Emery was quite boisterous and aggravated so both kids went to bed early all while we had guests over and it was intended to be a late, chill night for the kids. But today, as I wake up 26 years old, I thought it would be a low key day since Drake is off school today but it's already proving to be crazy, just as yesterday was. Defiance with both kids are the trend right now... oh parenthood! But they are both napping already today at 8:40am so that's a positive! ;)

I vibrantly remember last year as I turned 25 and being very pregnant with Emery- Drake also got rained out of school that day so he was with Andrew and I for some birthday festivities. We went to IHOP and Costco... because doing that on your own so far along pregnant and post false labor was not happening. We had a calm time but in my mind then, that was a lot of activity. BOY did I not have a clue or what?! This year is busy and crazy and chaotic and filled with love and mamahood. What a blessing to experience this all my 26th year of life.