Welcome to our home...! I'm so cheesy. But really, this is the entry way when walking into the house.

We don't have a ton of space here but in our previous house we had zero entry space so this is such a positive for me! I wanted to do something to spice it up and snagged this runner from Lulu & Georgia and also focused on one art piece to make the area pop. When I came across this one from Minted, I thought it might be a little too predictable being in PHX but I really loved it and couldn't pass it up!

One thing I always love doing is leaving a small bowl of candy or chocolates there so people can grab as they please, coming and going. York peppermint patties were my grandma's favorite (who Emery was named after) so it's a touch of nostalgia and sentiment for me. Love that!

I grabbed this snake leaf plant from Lowe's almost a month ago now and it's still going strong so I'm thinking it might last? I've heard it's one that's hard to kill so I went with it. ;)

Simple and clean - which seems to be the motto of the home - but perfect to welcome guests!