I got sucked in, you guys! I have always been one to try tons of polishes and my collection really only houses 100 different shades of pinky/nudes, vampy burgundy's and a touch of bright red. In all those shades though, I don't have one that's my "it" color. I'm constantly browsing the Target aisles for that exact shade I want and haven't ever found it.... until now.

Of course, Emily Schuman would be the one to curate the perfect collection for Formula X and she did it right. I bought the red (Haute Sauce) and cream (Latte Run) just this morning at Sephora and I've painted both my fingers and toes and they're the two colors I've been searching for high and low! I can't even praise them enough plus they're Formula X so the wear on the polish is goooood.

Do you see how creamy and perfect that color is?! I have trouble getting it right with one that's not sheer but also not too chalky looking but it can't be too pink or too taupe because then it blends too much with my skin. Can you tell I'm picky? This is literally a dream.

haute sauce | latte run | peach tea (not pictured)

That spicy red is so fun and punchy and it's perfect for the warmer months on either your fingers or toes but also in the winter because red is so timeless and classic. Both these colors are ones you'll be grabbing at year around and I know they'll probably be on my nails all the time. I don't stray from consistency and now that I've found my dream shades, I'm stuck on them.

In case you haven't heard about the launch, here is her post about it today and you can shop it, here!