Happy Friday! Do you have plans for the holiday weekend? We don't have anything specific going on... maybe a lake day Sunday and fireworks that night but we're playing it by ear with the kids. For some reason I felt like July was still weeks away and it's definitely here. It's Andrew's birthday month and this year is his golden birthday! I can't wait to throw him a little party with our friends and family. It's actually going to be in our.... new house!


We are moving again.

The area we've been planning to buy land in has a handful of houses perfect for our needs and in our budget so we've been looking for a few weeks and just signed a contact on one a few days ago. Of course, things can always fall through based on lenders and agreements but we've been prequalified and have a closing date tentatively scheduled for early August. This puts us moving exactly one year after we moved into our current home and because of the better location, we're totally excited and think it's worth the adjustment all over again. 

Our current house is up for sale, so if you're local and are looking for a place in the Surprise, AZ area, email me and I'll send you the listing- aubreykinch@gmail.com.

The little playhouse pictured above comes with our new home and I'm seriously elated to be able to restore it and make it new for our girls. The house was a model home for a new development so now that it's completely sold out, they are selling the models so the interior of the home is upgraded here and there and really is so beautiful. It'll be the perfect stepping stone to buy land next year and starting to build custom then. Who knows... we may end up staying in this new house longer because it's already in the area we want land in... haha!

I hope you all have a safe weekend, enjoy a beverage for me! ;)