Just recently I've had a handful of emails about how I juggle mom life and being a full time worker and I definitely do not have it all figured out but I've learned a few things along the way. I wanted to compile a list of my top tips for functioning and maintaining a good balance doing both!

This is obviously easier said than done because it's the most impactful and hardest to maintain but when creating a consistent routine with yourself and with your kids, things fall into place. For a while we were getting up when the kids woke, spent time in my bed snuggling or watching cartoons and then we would mingle downstairs to have breakfast and get the day going. It occurred to me, why not have the kids cuddle with me and watch cartoons while I'm tackling my inbox first thing in the morning? Well that changed a ton for me! I started the day being productive and the kids knew they had about an hour of down time, being lazy before we started errands or chores. It worked really well for us!

I also work with Emery is napping and that's a routine and plan I stick to daily. There is the occasional nap because pregnancy is exhausting but that's only after I've gotten done my list of items I want to accomplish first.

Aside from the above and knowing you have a routine with how you begin your day or how you hustle during nap time, it's wise to take one day a week (I use Sunday's) to map out what you need to accomplish each day during the week and how you can be mindful of your time to be successful. I love a planner and this one has been really helpful for me to pencil in down to the hour how I can get things done for clients, the blog, through emails, or even house work I need to do without kids under foot.

Planners can be an investment but without organization, I feel like you're setting yourself up for failure. Maybe ask for one as a birthday gift or it's the perfect item to request for Christmas with the new year fast approaching!

Game changer! I can get very distracted online scrolling through blogs or shopping for the kids online so unless I set a timer, I don't get the things done I've allotted my time for. I use my iPhone timer and simply add 30 minutes for emails and require myself to get through those or 45 minutes of client work through branding boards...etc. Once that timer goes off, if I haven't completed my project, I re-evaluate my schedule and make priorities apparent so I make sure to tackle those first with my next time available to sit down.

Clearly, things happen! We're all sick over in our house currently and that's when things don't get done as planned. Babies need snuggles or preteens want 15 minutes of attention playing a card game for interaction instead of down time. That's okay! Give yourself grace when creating your schedule, understand life happens and know you're doing the best you can. 

If all else fails, schedule one day a week you can count on a sitter and use it to get everything done you can think of without kiddos being around to steal your attention. You'll end up feeling more rejuvenated and accomplished and then your energy can be focused directly on your babies instead of 1,276 other things bouncing inside your head, needing to be accomplished.

I hope this helps! Do you have any insightful tips I left out?

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