Okay, based on this post and thoughts I got on Facebook, I'm leaving Emmy bug in her crib until she's trying to get out or until she's outgrown. It just makes sense especially with the new baby coming to make less transitions happen at one time. She loves her bed so much now, doesn't ever try to get out of it and even lays for an extra 45 minutes or so after she wakes up just playing so "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"... yes?

That being said, I'm on the hunt for a cheap, but functional crib for the new babe. I was originally thinking white because her room will be lighter and bright but I'm already mixing a lot of woods with the decor because the theme is more bohemian and because of that, I'm drawn towards a light blonde wood as I've been looking. Of course, I hit up IKEA rather quickly knowing their cribs are minimal and cheap and this one has me alllllmost sold.

Do any of you have the Sniglar Crib from IKEA? Am I crazy thinking many woods can be mixed in one small space? I mean we have this dresser I redid going in her room with some art pieces from Minted with a deep gray, rustic frame and then my sister in law made me a custom wood sign that is a more medium stain wood.

Thoughts? Help a sister out! I'm even looking on Craigslist here and there to see if something stands out but I'm totally not opposed to even doing a natural wood and painting it. Mandi shared a fun way, here sooooo who knows. The options are endless! If I painted it, color would be fun because these are the curtains I'll be using in her room and this is the rug.

Anyway... rambling now. Let me know the "rule" to wood mixing! xo