We quite literally can't wait to meet her! There isn't anything significant about this name choice but we simply heard a song by Hollyn on Air 1, I said to Andrew that's a pretty name and he agreed and said, that should be our girls name if we have a girl next time around. Done and done.

Grace is a name I've loved for years and it worked out funny to me I was adamant about Odessa being Emery's middle name, and again, I was adamant about Grace being Hollyn's. Andrew wasn't initially a fan of either but they total grew on him and he loves them now. Even funnier to me is he picked Drake's name and his mom picked his middle name so it seems Andrew has a good choice for first names and us mama's like the middle names! ;)

I know I said I was going to wait to share her name until she was born but having gotten the baby shower invites in the mail yesterday, I know I wanted to share them on the blog plus the nursery will show her name on some custom pieces too. Sooo, I guess we don't have any more surprises except for her actual birthday! Stay tuned on that one...