Eeep! I am so excited to share these beauties with you! I shared here my top picks and then my mom and I started talking through how she wanted to do the shower so we changed our path on style of things and ended with these amazingly detailed and lovely invitations. We didn't spare anything and went with a full suite- envelope liners, return address stickers, recipient addressing and custom stamps to match. It's all about the details and I think being on the receiving end of these invites will be an experience in itself when being opened to ohhh and ahhh over.

Since the shower is in September, I'll make sure to share all the details after it's thrown. I know I already debriefed a touch on it but we have custom cookies being made, a seriously stunning backdrop for the food table, my grandma bought Hollyn her crib and wants to use it as the space for gifts and I have these large, paper flowers being made for decor I plan to reuse in the nursery.

Every little detail because that's simply how my mom does things! You can see my baby shower with Emery, here.