It's been about a month since my last update so I wanted to get back here and touch base with where we're at. I'm currently 24 weeks and excited! This pregnancy has flown by compared to my first and I'm not nearly doing it justice documenting, but I'm trying!

I just shared it for you, here!

I feel large. I am now up 5 pounds total which doesn't seem like much but it's making me waddle a bit. No additional stretch marks or swelling... yet. The insomnia has started and I don't seem to need a nap daily anymore but when I don't sleep through the nights, the days are long.

Hollyn is everywhere, all the time! She's a little dancer and loves to be active. When Emery lays on my belly, I notice she gets more antsy and moves a lot. Probably because her big sis is cramping her small home but it's something I'll miss once she's born.

We have it scheduled and my mom is full force planning. We chose these invites from Minted (so obsessed with the rose gold foil!) and have Whip It Good Cookies making custom cookies for the day. I don't quite know what's going to take place but I've lost all filters and registered for a Roomba and Espresso machine. It's either rude or genius but I think it's strictly survival mode! ;)

We are starting to collect some really beautiful and unique pieces for the nursery and for daily newborn-ness. Bottles, blankets, sheets, art work....etc. I love working with brands who offer something amazing and a few companies we've had product from this time around are: Little Bunches, KC Moccs, Minted, The Land of Nod, Plum & Sparrow, Pink Blush Maternity, Elle Bowtique, Comotomo, KB Cute Designs. Once we do a full nursery reveal, likely in September, I'll show all the items we've collected and coupon code I have available for you!

I think that's it for now. Next time I update, we will be in our new home and probably have the nursery fully done within 12 hours of moving in.... because I'm crazy. Hope you all have a great Monday! xo