I'm in that sweet spot with Emery not knowing quite yet what I want to do with her room before baby girl arrives. It's that weird age she could really stay in a crib a while longer or she could be a full toddler and switch to a big girl bed before sister is born. I liked the idea of transitioning her prior to baby coming so we could use the same crib for both girls but I partially feel like that's forcing her to really grow up and that really makes me sad!

We will have a bassinet for when baby arrives she will be in likely for a month in our master bedroom but we switched Emery to her own room around 5 weeks old when she started sleeping through the night and I envision we will do the same with this one. Knowing that, it buys me some more time on a toddler bed for Emery and looking to have her moved into one around December. I guess I'm really unsure because of moving in August and knowing just a few months later we would then have to rework both girls rooms and I also like the idea of doing them both right away one with a crib and one with a toddler bed when we make our move.

What do you think? When did you transition your babe to a big bed?