She's here! I can't believe we've finally met our new baby girl and it was a better delivery and experience than I expected. Having induced the first time, we were in labor about 23 hours and it was a long process so I was comparing and thinking it would be very similar and something I was nervous to do again.

A little back story... we were due the Nov 15th but about a month ago, it came to our realization Andrew needed to travel to Colorado just a few days prior to my due date leaving us with the decision of either inducing at 39 weeks or waiting it out and praying she didn't come on her own while he was traveling. After a whole lot of prayer and weighing the two, we decided we would induce again and her birthday would be Nov 8th. That date is pretty special in our family too as it's my brother and sister in law's wedding anniversary!

So we sent all our details to the hospital and they were to call us anytime after midnight on Nov 8th. When we induced with Emery, we didn't get that phone call until the next day at 3pm so I didn't think they would actually call fast but they called at 1:15am and we were at the hospital and in our room by 3am! I was pleasantly surprised (and so tired!) but at 4am they began my antibiotic for the GBS bacteria and we started pitocin at 8am,

The process was way more smooth and we didn't have complications with levels dropping or baby distress like we did with Emery so I was fully effaced and dilated at 4:13pm and my nurse said let's give it a try pushing to assess where we were. Well.... I pushed once and Hollyn's head was coming right out! Haha! They called our dr right away and two pushes later we met our baby girl at 4:15pm!

Hollyn Grace Kinch
November 8, 2016 at 4:15pm
7 lbs 4 oz, 20 1/2 inches

We are totally in love. She's so so perfect and I've been soaking in all the newborn heaven. Andrew will be home tomorrow from CO and I know he's dying to get some cuddles with all the pictures I've been sending him.

Drake completely melting meeting her... his mom said he just sat with tears strolling down his face when I sent her picture because he was "so in love with her". TALK ABOUT MAKING A GIRL UGLY CRY!! When he came to the hospital there was so much commotion with people visiting and he just sat in the corner in silence holding her and staring. Emery is being the sweetest thing to her- always coming up giving kisses, patting her head and saying "oh no!" when she's crying. It's been seamless transitioning (so far) and we're so thankful for that.

I hope you don't mind baby spam because it'll be coming in hot for the next few weeks! :)