top and skirt

Christmas is something I look forward to every single year and I always say I'll embrace the season even more with each passing year. I'll do all the fun things celebrating Christ's birth with the kids and bake all the yummy goodies and let the kids be on sugar highs for a month straight but then it comes and it's finally chilly out and we bundle up and maybe have one movie night with hot cocoa and we blink and we're already taking down the Christmas decorations.


Like really though. I feel like winter was so long and enjoyable when I was a kid and as an adult, each season is passing by right before my eyes. I can't believe it's been 2 years with Emery and now a month with Hollyn and I've watched Drake grow from a 4 year old into a young man. Blows my mind.

Although we have a newborn and we're still adjusting to really functioning on a normal basis with that thrown into the mix, I am determined to make the most of this Christmas. We've done our Advent devotional daily and the kids are loving finding our elf, Lola, each morning when they wake up. I may only get her into place quickly around 5am when I'm up nursing Hollyn- but hey! It's done and they're happy! :)

My friend, Amy, shared how she does 25 days of Christmas books and I loved that idea! Emery always loves to read and it's our time together, just us, before bed and we rock and snuggle and read. I am quite possibly going to hit Amazon with this list of Amy's books and make it happen from here on out and most definitely for next year.

What are some traditions you love to doing as a family and with your kids? We will head down to Tucson in a couple weeks to bake Christmas cookies with my Gam Gam and Drake is pumped about that and I think next Friday I'll be doing something with some instagram friends and my SIL. Anything to really get us out of the house and normalizing ourselves with getting back into the swing of things.

But seriously, tell me all your traditions and secrets! Let the festivities commence!