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Time is a funny thing. I think about how things progress so quickly and I blink and each phase or chapter or season is over but then I also feel like things drag on and take forever on he flip side. I think babies are the perfect example of that.

We are in the season of tired nights and adjustment but I also can't believe it's been a month since Hollyn joined our family. It's only temporary, those nights she can't settle without mama holding her or the times she's just crying on end and I have no idea why. But that's all the more reason to let her snuggle on her tummy laying on my chest because it's so very temporary. I'll only be her life line for so long before her independence kicks in and I'll be a sobbing mess wishing for those exhausting moments, soaking in her sweet newborn smell as she doses into a sweet slumber in my arms.

She is still giving us way more sleep than Emery did. She's typically going down for the night about 9:30pm, waking at 1am and 4am to nurse and right back to sleep. She does give us nights here and there where she only wakes at 4am and we loooove those nights, for obvious reasons.

She doesn't have a set nap schedule quite yet but she wakes, eats and is awake for 20 ish minutes before she doses off again. Really though, she sleeps all day and night and is only awake to get some grub, let out a few burps and snag some kisses before she's out again.

Gimme all the chunky babies, you feel me?! She's 2 pounds above her birth weight and our pediatrician says she's doing wonderfully! Maybe it's just me, but I'm not a fan of those skinny mini babies, I like them meaty and she's living up to my squishy baby dreams.

We are nursing every time she wants to eat but I only produce about an ounce between both boobs so she gets a bottle of formula after each nursing session to get her nice and full. She does 3-4oz with that and our pedi said to increase to 6oz if my milk still stays at 1oz by next week. I'm taking supplements, using oils, eating oatmeal, drinking water and gatorade and I'm still low on the food supply. I may end up drying up like I did with Emery because I'm not prepared to take a prescription to up my milk. I do also pump after every nursing session to help trigger my body I need more milk and then wake up three times throughout the night to pump too.

My boobs just suck and don't like nursing much. Sigh...

The kiddos love their sis! It's so cute seeing Emery get all concerned when she cries. She goes "oh, sis!" and runs over to give her kisses and pat her head. Drake is my huge helper with both Hollyn and Emery- whether it be taking Emery outside to play for an hour or snuggling Hollyn while I get some work or stuff around the house done- he jumps on helping in whatever way he can. Love that kid and his heart!

I'm feeling good! Personally, I'm still recovering from delivery but as a whole, we are lucky with this chill, easy baby. In some ways it's more challenging because I have to be more "on" with a toddler and 11 year old but it's also easier because she's been lax about her needs and wants. I'm also not dying for naps everyday like I was with Emery so I feel like we're getting into a good routine and I'm not scared leaving the house or tackling church. We're doing it! And we're on time! Gotta celebrate those little victories!