It's been two months of three kids and I'm slowing finding my niche and routine with getting in and out of stores while running errands or quite simply living life. It's not an easy thing tackling to do lists and managing a household, feeding a marriage, staying connected at church and close to God while also making sure you're kids are happy and seeing how much their mama loves them.

I am no mama expert but I have found a few things that make being on the go nice and simple (or as simple as it can be with a tween, toddler and newborn) to get it done and back home before the monster kids come out. Let's chat through them...

Yep, I've tried a lot. That's not unknown around here but when you find one that's everything you need and more, you stick with it. I've been using the Fawn Design diaper bag since Hollyn was born and it's literally my favorite. I've used a lot of backpack styles because it's the most functional for me but I felt they have lacked the detailing, pockets or style I was wanting and the Fawn Design bag offers it all.

One con I have to note, it doesn't come with a changing pad. Minor detail but it could be a deal breaker for some because of the investment of a diaper bag.

I just got this baby in the mail last week and have used it 4 times already. It's a dream! I was using these containers (which I do love!) but having the ability for this to snap right on the shopping cart eliminates me worrying about Emery dropping the container and a mess being everywhere. Granted, you may have a messy snacker or a rambunctious little one while out and this try still could be knocked over but it works for us because Emery isn't in that category.

This may not be for everyone but it seriously helps me out! I have chatted about why I love Parasol, here, but in general having a diaper subscription service makes having diapers on hand so much easier for me. I feel like when I don't have this service utilized, it makes me all sorts of anxious needing to count out my diapers and prep for buying at the store but when I'm on a shipment service that delivers every 4 weeks for both girls, it's cake. No thinking or guessing on quantity of diapers I need and I get a reminder email about a week before shipment so I can change the diaper size or pattern if I want. CAKE YOU GUYS.

Hi germs. Please don't attack my new baby and infect my whole house. Dramatic much? Maybe. I'd just rather be safe and control the little bit I can with her and how much she's exposed to. I love Covered Goods for the fact that I can quickly conceal her from people reaching hands in ohh-ing and ahh-ing over her, it keeps the cool air out and helps contain the blanket and pacifier from falling out. It doubles as a shopping cart cover, nursing cover and infinity scarf. Should we call that 4 birds one stone? ;)

Just a few things I love from a fellow mama and all are great for baby shower gifts for that expecting friend, sister, cousin of yours! What are some things you love as a mama that you simply can't live without?