TWO MONTHS as of January 8th. That sure flew by. I don't feel like she's anything newborn lately because she's so dang chunky (12 pounds!) but I sure do love seeing her grow and develop and smile at us! She's been cooing and giving us big ol grins and it just melts me! Totally melts me.

I went through all our Preemie and Newborn baby clothes last weekend and have them all packed up to give to a few friends who are trying for babies now which is just so weird knowing we're out of that phase... forever! Of course, we'd love to adopt but it won't happen because quite simply, we can't afford it.

But back to Hollyn, let's chat through the last month, yes?

I don't want to jinx it but we've had 2 nights of 10 hours straight and that's pure bliss! She's a solid 8 hours at a time through the night but she goes down about 7pm so it gets me up in the very early morning so I like when she does 9-10 hours! Dare I say we're almost there?

All formula now. My boobs suck so I've come to terms with it and we bottle feed every 2-3 hours and she eats about 4oz each sitting.

12.4 pounds! That's almost double her birth weight but she was down to 6.5 at one point so she's doing great! Our dr says she's perfect.

Drake is loving the smiles he gets out of her and Emery is still so attentive. She will run in her room in the mornings and want to rock her and feed her the bottle. It's literally so sweet.

We are alive! Haha, kidding! We're doing great! We started her in nursery at church so I have independence listening to the message again which is so good for my soul and we are making errands and life outside the house happen pretty dang seamlessly. It's Emery that fights me... not the itty bitty one. ;)