We love Valentine's Day around here because it's always a fun excuse to break out the colorful (and terrible for you!) candy, glitter, paints and some cute Valentine grams to send to our neighbors, friends and family! Although these are teeny, it's a big way to show some love and simply that you're thinking about someone enough to throw something small in the mail.

As usual with our paper goods, we went with Minted for ordering and we were able to use our new family pictures to get these babies all decked out- I'm totally in love! We did these for the kids and these as a family. I'm just planning to mix it up when popping them in the mail to spread the love.

Take note, these are too small to send individually so we are packing them with some yogurt dipped pretzels and candy hearts with cute confetti inside. It's all about the experience and we can't wait everyone to open them... I'm sure I'll get some hate texts about the confetti and covering some floors but it's cute, eh?!

I was even feeling extra ambitious as a mama today and let the kids go wild making their daddy some Valentine treats. Let's just say our house ended with glitter galore and a whole lot of (washable) paint on the dining table. Now off to bathe them because we can't leave any evidence with kids covered in paint when daddy gets home from work! ;)