We have our family pictures back and they're the first as a family of six (because Brutus)! As much as I wanted to do newborn pictures with Hollyn, it just didn't happen with schedules and simply being busy. That's partly due to me just jumping back into the swing of life like I didn't even have a baby and then I blinked and she's almost 3 months old.

Leah has been on standby for me to come shoot for us in our home since last January! Can you believe that? We had scheduled a time then Andrew had his accident, then we rescheduled and Drake had his accident, then we got another date on the calendar and both kids ended up terribly sick and finally I said once we have the baby, we will just do it then! So it's been a year coming and in hindsight, this was the perfect time- I'm so happy she captured us all!

Now I need to pick 2-3 favorites to frame around the house... it's so hard because I love them all!

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