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I love TULA. You all have read this over time following my blog and that means I have to share an update I've made to my skin routine with a new item of theirs! This beautiful eye serum launched on Tuesday and it's as good as it sounds. Eye renewal serum with probiotic technology? Let me put it this way... my "I have a new baby and get little sleep" eyes don't even look tired, puffy or red!

The applicator on this serum has a cooling metal tip that's designed to deliver the perfect amount of product because you determine how much you're pushing out. It's super light weight so it can be layered with your daily makeup and even works in tandem with your eye cream to double the impact of diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. It's quite literally, a dream.

A few of my other favorite TULA products are:

I use this cleanser in the mornings and really appreciate how light it is while combating dirt, grime and any leftover oils from the night. It has a great price point as well and smells delicious!

The holy grail! It's my favorite of the entire TULA collection and would recommend it time and time again. The tiny beads wipe away dead skin and I like that it only needs to set 5-10 minutes so it's not a commitment to process. I do this about twice a week.

I always had issues with finding a cream that didn't make me break out and this is it! Again, light and airy but combats dryness and keeps my skin feeling supple.

So hydrating and so luxurious! I pack this on every night and wake up feeling like a million bucks. Make sure to extend this down to your neck to fight any wrinkles or signs of aging.

I'm telling you like you're my bestie, I use these all daily and even gifted them to my mom and sister during the holidays. If you're on a tight budget and can only get one or two, I say splurge on the exfoliating mask and hydrating day and night cream.

On a similar note, I am thiiiis close to getting botox done. I had it done once for trying to combat migraines as I heard it was a great relief for them but this time, I'd love to do some cosmetic enhancements. Call me vain but I don't think it's a big deal to stay on top of your beauty routine and doing natural, settle enhancements to create a more youthful and soft appearance in your face. Have any of your done botox?